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This is Real School. It's a Future University in Yoga and Sport.

The Yoga Sports Science program to become a Yoga Sports Coach™ is an amazing journey within the field of yoga and sport. Two separate but integrated concepts, it has been something that I have been looking for and the decision to enroll in the program was absolutely the best possible choice.

The journey began even before I enrolled. When I first met YSS founder, Hayley Winter at the enrolment interview, I knew it was the right thing to do. She answered all my questions regarding the program, went through the whole course outline in detail and told me that the journey to being a Yoga Sports Coach™ required commitment and dedication, but that it would be very rewarding. When I heard what I would get regarding the knowledge my inner wish to become a Yoga Sports Coach™ said yes!

I Didn't Know What To Expect

As this is my first online training, I did not know what to expect. I can say that this is like going to real school. I get all the materials, watch the videos, listen to the webinars…and even more…I can ask any question to my tutor and to my colleagues. Even more, I am encouraged to be curious and interactive.

Training online gives me the opportunity to arrange my schedule and to fit it into my everyday work and training. Although it is important to be aware that “sleeping” is not allowed. The program requires commitment and work. This is what I appreciate even more; It is not pay and get a diploma training…it requires a high level of engagement at all levels, theory, practice and integration of both.

Teaching Yoga Has Become Easier For Me

The quality of teaching is excellent; the topics are covered in details and comprehensively. The units are presented systematically, so I can comfortably progress from easier topics to more complex ones. If I have a problem with some of the content, I write an email to my tutor and he instantly helps me resolve the problem. Even more, I can just skype and have one to one conversation.

I am studying about 10 hours per week. When I find some of the content more difficult, I take more time to learn and understand. I study with joy and enthusiasm, probably because the knowledge is delivered the right way. From day 1 on the course, I started to apply the knowledge I was learning. I started to observe the posture of people around me, I observe the way they move….and try to apply the techniques that I have learned. Sometimes I imagine the anatomical knowledge I get in the course and visualise the muscles on my clients. Teaching has become easier for me.

I Love Belonging To A Global Yoga Group That's Cutting Edge

Before enrolling, I was concerned about the student fee, but now I know I made the best investment that will bring to me and my students large profits in all terms.

Even though I did not met peers and tutors personally, I love belonging to a global yoga group; we communicate in forums and during webinars. We get all the lastest developments in yoga and sport, which is really cutting edge. I meet my tutor regularly in face-to-face meetings. We share our thoughts and experiences, we feel connected. It is easy to communicate, I just post on the forum and feedback is there. Moreover, my peers know what I am experiencing because they are on the same path in this program; we help and support each other. I am happy to be part of this community that involves yoga and sport. This is something I wanted to do since I started practicing yoga and engaged in sports as an athlete and a coach.

Yoga came into my life very naturally, my dad took me to a yoga class when I was 5 and since then it has been an integral part of my life. I played basketball during high school and when I finished I felt a bit empty, so yoga kept me going. During my studies at University when I was studying a lot, yoga was a great way of relieving stress and helped me to learn how to focus and stay present in the moment.

Take a look at Karla's YSS student profile on our Official Register of Yoga Sports Coaches™.

If you want to improve performance results for yourself and for athletes, then take a look at how you can train with us:

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