This is Real School. It's a Future University in Yoga and Sport.

The Yoga Sports Science program to become a Yoga Sports Coach™ is an amazing journey within the field of yoga and sport. Two separate but integrated concepts, it has been something that I have been looking for and the decision to enroll in the program was absolutely the best possible choice.

The journey began even before I enrolled. When I first met YSS founder, Hayley Winter at the enrolment interview, I knew it was the right thing to do. She answered all my questions regarding the program, went through the whole course outline in detail and told me that the journey to being a Yoga Sports Coach™ required commitment and dedication, but that it would be very rewarding. When I heard what I would get regarding the knowledge my inner wish to become a Yoga Sports Coach™ said yes!

I Didn't Know What To Expect

As this is my first online training, I did not know what to expect. I can say that this is like going to real school. I get all the materials, watch the videos, listen to the webinars…and even more…I can ask any question to my tutor and to my colleagues. Even more, I am encouraged to be curious and interactive.

Training online gives me the opportunity to arrange my schedule and to fit it into my everyday work and training. Although it is important to be aware that “sleeping” is not allowed. The program requires commitment and work. This is what I appreciate even more; It is not pay and get a diploma training…it requires a high level of engagement at all levels, theory, practice and integration of both.