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'The future of yoga has to be more evidenced based.'

William Broad, senior science writer for the New York Times.

Proving Yoga Maximizes Athletic Performance

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is changing the way we think about Yoga and optimizing athletic ability by providing a tool that measures its impact through data collection and performance metrics. This is the first time in the long and established history of yoga that a tool has been able to gather evidence showing how and why yoga works.


Yoga is a science and one of the original systems used to study the body. For over 5,000 years, it has been successfully referenced by many other disciplines. In ancient times, it was at the heart of a warrior’s preparation for the battlefield.


The nature of the battlefield may have changed over the centuries, but throughout its history, yoga has remained a practical pathway towards improving performance as it enhances the body’s natural ability to perform to its highest level.


Yoga is a Serious Addition to Athletic Training


Until now, yoga had been overlooked as a serious addition to training. As more sportsmen and women, sporting associations, and educational and coaching programs start to recognize that yoga is the missing link in developing and sustaining sporting performance, the demand for specialists to deliver the benefits is set to increase.


Become a Part of the Future of Yoga in Sport


All of our courses are taught by leading experts in their field.


The Science of Teaching Yoga for Athletes - 40-Hour Online Immersion Course.

Certified Yoga Sports Coach™ Course - 300-Hour Online certification.  Application process required - dates announced soon.

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ Course - 200-Hour Online Training.  Prerequisite Certified Yoga Sports Coach™. Coming soon...




Hayley Winter, founder of The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® and William Broad, Author and Senior Science Writer at the New York Times, talk about the future

of yoga is science based.

Baseball coach and ex athlete, Chris Vasami, share his views on how yoga works.

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