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Karla Oblak

Grosuplje, Slovenia

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  November 2016

Why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®:


Yoga, sport and science are my life and my way of life. I practice yoga since I was 5. I am an active athlete (long distance triathlete) and I am a scientist at the faculty. So Yoga Sport Science is what incorporates all the things I love and are also the things I love to teach.  As an athlete I successfully used yoga as the link between the body and mind. I integrate the elements of yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness in my teachings.


I completed a 200h hatha yoga teacher training and many additional short yoga courses (yoga therapy, ashtanga yoga TT, vinyas flow, etc...) and the Yoga Sport Scinece course was the cherry on the cake. It gave me knowledge to work with athletes that are very specific in their requirements. I have sport education background (fitness coach, TRX instructor, Triathlon coach, spinning instructor) so I can succesfully incorporate different fields of knowledge with yoga.

YSS Case Study Reseach: Triathlon


Objectives:  To determine if a Yoga Sports Science™ (YSS) 10-week intervention designed to improve shoulder flexibility improves swimming performance in a triathlete.

Subject:  29-year-old professional long distance triathlete with swimming being his weakest discipline.

Conclusion: Results suggest that a 10-week Yoga Sport Science intervention may improve and increase shoulder flexibility as well as whole body awareness of male triathlete and therefore, may enhance athletic performance. The athlete was able to train (swim) more efficiently and with less effort and therefore improved his performance times. The athlete also improved movement fluidity and mental focus that helped him in training and races and reported that yoga helped improve recovery after training sessions and races.

Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:


I am passionate about yoga and sport and my aim is to work with athletes. I use methods  and techniques that are scientifically proven to work. Being able to help athletes in their performance and in their everyday life  motivates me to work hard and to learn further. I work with athlets in all kinds of disciplines, although I have the most experience in triathlon, cyling, running, trail running, swimming and crossfit. I am located in Slovenia but not limited to this area. I travel with sporting clubs, help as a yoga specialist during training camps around Europe and during races. This work makes me feeling fullfilled and I know that with this attitude I can give the best of me.


Other Specialism to offer:

Coaching (triathlon, running, cycling)

Fitness coaching

Group activities

Senior gymnastics





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