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Our School

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We bridge the gap between yoga and sport and empower yoga professionals to confidently teach sports-specific yoga to athletes of all ages and abilities, as well as to the general public. We consider everyone to be an athlete, from elite professionals to Mum’s homeschooling their children, to healthcare workers dealing with stressful situations on the front line.


Teaching Grounded in Yoga Biomechanics 

We help prepare our students to work with people of any age and ability through our functional and biomechanical approach to applying yoga. The foundation of our yoga teaching is based on biomechanical principles aimed at empowering yoga professionals to adapt and apply to any setting. Yoga sequencing becomes creative and experimental when a solid working knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is applied.


We Prove Yoga Works

For over a decade students that have trained with us, as Advanced Yoga Sports Coaches™ have undertaken a Case Study Research project and contributed to providing evidence that yoga positively improves athletic performance and supports athletes as an injury prevention program. Each YSS Case Study submitted by our students is archived within our YSS Research Index. We have one of the largest research databases in the world on the efficacy of yoga in sport.


We Have Exposed the Missing Link in Athletic Training

We use a proven, scientifically based methodology, developed over twenty years, to bridge the gap between yoga and sport. Where our yoga training differs from traditional forms of yoga is that we deliver a modern-day scientific approach to yoga, which is evidence-based and understands the sporting demands of the modern athlete. 


Our Motto: Less is More

The art and the science of successfully delivering sports-specific yoga to the general public and/or athletes involve delivering less so they will receive more. Most athletes have to manage grueling training schedules and often are overtrained. This, along with the general pressures of life can mean most don’t get to ‘experience’ a training session. One of the benefits of delivering our methods is that you will provide an entirely different training experience for the athlete, creating time and space which enables them to develop a greater awareness of Self as well as time to recover and restore. 


Learn With Us Online

For the past decade, we have been successfully teaching our yoga Courses online to students around the world. Our Courses are inclusive and accessible to all types of learners through our well established online learning platform. Our students are supported online by members of our Academic Faculty, through regular 1-2-1 tutorials, Live group sessions with peers and tutors, plus a vibrant global community of like-minded people with a shared passion for learning and teaching. 


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is a registered school with the Yoga Alliance and provides In-Service Training Days and short Courses to the British Wheel of Yoga. Members of the senior teaching faculty are based in New York, London, Harrogate, and Pune in India.


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