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Athletes Get Results When They Work With Our Coaches

The future of sport will demand more of the athlete. As advancements are made in technology, the future athlete will need to go further, faster, stronger and for longer. The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® has proved that working with a Yoga Sports Coach™ and using our Sport-Specific Yoga techniques can help increase an athletes marginal gain. Here’s how:


We Help You Go Further:


Maximize your aerobic capacity and endurance by improving your respiratory strength, making your breathing more efficient and increasing your postural stability. 


We Help You Go Faster:


Maximize your efficiency by improving your range of movement, get more strength through range and increase your balance, agility and dynamic control.


We Help You Get Stronger:


Maximize your strength and power by achieving greater stability and mobility and more efficient muscle activation.


We Help You Stay in the Game for Longer:


Minimize your risk of injury and get tailored training for your needs, which is easy and fun to do.



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