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Being Excluded from the TRIBE: the Challenges of Being an Injured Athlete

Injured athletes often face psychological challenges with feeling excluded from their ‘tribe,’ which can be difficult to manage.

Practicing activities such as yoga and meditation can help them pass the time in a productive and rewarding way, avoiding overthinking their injuries and pushing themselves too hard to return to their sport.

Injured athletes face several psychological challenges, such as feeling isolated. This can be incredibly hard to manage and can often lead athletes to push too hard in their efforts to return.

Fortunately, embracing activities like yoga and meditation can help injured athletes cope with their challenging situations in a productive and rewarding way, including taking the time to avoid overthinking their injuries. Moreover, these activities often allow athletes to connect meaningfully with their peers and make the most of their time away from their sport.

Listen to Hayley Winter and Leon Taylor in conversation to hear more insights...

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