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Hayley Winter

2-Hour Online Course: How to Cue Yoga

This 2-hour online course is for yoga teachers; novice or seasoned pro's, seeking to learn how to develop efficient cueing skills that lead to effective teaching and safe practice. 

This continuing education course is built upon a movement science approach, aimed at assisting teachers in effectively cueing classic asanas within a contemporary context.

No need for extensive anatomical knowledge to enhance your yoga cues. Hayley shares essential movement science gems that will change the way you teach and cue!

Cue Yoga.png

20-Hour Course: How to Teach Yoga Online

This 20-hour course will teach you how to transition your teaching online to safely and authentically support your communities and your livelihood during these challenging times.


In 2020, Hayley Winter and her team responded to the needs of the global yoga teaching community, helping them pivot online. In this course, they share tips and best practices from over a decade of teaching yoga online.

How to teach yoga online

40-Hour Online Course: The Science of Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Our 40-hour online immersion course covers the science of yoga sequencing, giving you a great foundational understanding of yoga, anatomy, and biomechanics. 

Our aim is to also help you understand the importance of yoga sequencing to safely support the functional needs of everyday athletes.

We give you the yoga tools to immediately get started.
Yoga for Athletes

50-Hour Online Course: The Yoga Sequencing Solution

This online course is a game-changer for yoga teachers, offering step-by-step, evidence-based playbooks for creating science-based sequences.

With 20 years of development and 7 years of research behind it, this course is pioneering a breakthrough in the yoga world. It offers the very first evidence-based solution to the sequencing challenges that modern yoga teachers encounter.

If you want to learn to problem-solve your sequencing challenges and create safe, science-based classes, this course is for you.

Yoga Sequencing Solution

300-Hour Online Course: Yoga Sports Coach Certification

This 300-hr course teaches you how to deliver evidenced-based yoga techniques to support the general public and the athletic population.

We teach you how to integrate biomechanical-based yoga techniques into modern-day approaches to sports science, assessing athletes’ sport-specific needs and introducing yoga as an intervention to support key performance requirements.

This course gives you a double certification and professional advantage so you can confidently deliver the benefits of yoga in any setting, from the everyday athlete to the elite.

Yoga for Athletes certification

 We are in the process of developing new courses and will be updating our schedule soon.

Any questions, please get in touch:


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