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How I Found My Groove With Yoga Sports Science

As a lifelong enthusiastic amateur athlete and a yoga teacher of 6 years, I felt for some time that, as passionate as I am about yoga, I hadn't found my 'groove' where teaching was concerned. My search to complete the picture brought me to Yoga Sports Science (YSS) and it felt like maybe it would finally help me bring together my two passions in life, sport and yoga. But I hesitated!!

My Doubts About Training Online

One of my doubts was the online medium of the course. How can such a physical subject that relies very much on personal interaction and feedback be taught over the wire? Well it can to amazing effect. The subject matter is delivered in a variety of mediums - documents, videos, 1-2-1 and group tutorials, webinars and as you learn the subjects and reflect on them in your own practice and in your own time, there is every opportunity to engage with and talk to other students via the forums, the student Facebook community and face to face meetings which are lead by Hayley Winter, the YSS Founder.

More Connected Than in Person Training

A personal tutor supports you as much or as little as you need with regular face to face meetings online. One of the huge benefits of the online nature of the course is that it brings you together with students and tutors from all around the world with a wide range of experience in different areas.

In many ways I feel more connected with my student and tutor community in YSS online than I did during my yoga teacher training in person!

It’s Not Only Athlete’s That Benefit

Applied to ourselves first, the YSS teachings supported by the YSS community, has taught me more about my own body and ways of fitting yoga into my own hectic life and has brought some very real performance improvements in my cycling which haven't gone unnoticed by my coach and my peers. Aside from the increased enjoyment I personally am getting out of this, what better way to get people listening to the benefits of yoga to sport! And what we are learning isn't limited to the sport/yoga connection either. Everything I have learnt applies equally to the general population and I find myself better placed to read the students needs and understand how I can better deliver yoga's benefits to them to fit around their lives, be that family, work, health or sport.

Gift Yourself

YSS connects Yoga into the 21st century aligning it with the science that supports it's very real and positive effects on us and it does this somehow without losing any of the magic or history of yoga we have inherited from our ancestors. I truly believe that the work Hayley has done to develop YSS is a gift to anyone wanting to improve their performance in any area of their life and it's a pleasure to be involved in this growing community of Yoga Sports Coaches. It's also fabulous that Hayley isn't just a name on the board, but teaches and engages with us weekly and shares with us the amazing experience she has built up over the years.

So my only regret, if there is one, is that I was so hesitant about parting with the money when I first came across YSS a couple of years ago. If you are passionate about Yoga and Sport, even if you don't yet see yourself coaching athletes, the benefit it will bring to your own practice and performance is worth every penny!

Take a look at Benjamin’s YSS student profile on our Official Register of Yoga Sports Coaches™.

If you want to improve performance results for yourself and for athletes, then take a look at how you can train with us:

Our next 100 Hour and 200 Hour Course start in September 2016. Limited spaces available.

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