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Yoga Sports Coach™

Benjamin du Bernard

Reading, UK

YSS Graduation Date: September 2016

Yoga and sport have been foundational in my life since an early age.  Yoga has provided the backbone to balance and optimise my performance in sports spanning a 5-year scholarship with the Royal Academy of Ballet to  running, rugby union, track and endurance motocross, adventure racing, mountain biking and my current passion, road cycling.  It is from the perspective of personal experience and understanding that I teach. 


I qualified as a Yoga Alliance (500hr) Karuna teacher in 2012 with Ruth White and have taught both group and individual sessions since. At the start of 2016, I left a long career in IT to teach full time.


Constantly looking for ways to improve what I can deliver to my clients, I am currently nearing completion of a clinical sport and remedial massage course, and have found the combination of this and yoga has produced some great results for the athletes I have been working with.


YSS Research Case Study: Road Cycling

Aim:  To establish whether a sport-specific yoga programme could alleviate an established lumbar pain and improve movement efficiency in a junior road cyclist.


Subject:: A junior (17years old) road cyclist who has trained and ridden competitively for over 7 years the last 4 of which has been with the experience of lumbar pain.


Conclusion: The ten-week intervention showed improvement gains in the athletes proprioceptive awareness, postural alignment, core stability and breathing patterns.  The athlete reported a reduction in pain during training from 6 weeks into the intervention.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:


I'm lucky enough that I have been able to turn my personal passion for sport and yoga into my full-time work.  Working with athletes and seeing them grow and achieve their goals is a motivating force.



Although my research and personal sport is road cycling, I work with athletes (both novice and elite) from a broad spectrum of disciplines.  Currently located in the Theale area of Berkshire, I am working towards setting up a base in the Haute Pyrenees, France where I will be running training camps and retreats.



Other Specialism to offer:

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage (February 2017)





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