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100 Hour Yoga for Athlete's Beginners Course


Learn how to apply our sports-specific yoga techniques and scientific approach to improve your own athletic needs and biomechanical requirements.

This beginner's course is designed to help you:


  • Discover the science to successfully applying sport-specific yoga to athletes.

  • Understand our approach to relaxing athletes as restorative training.

  • Learn how yoga can be used to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury.

  • Understand about periodized training and where yoga fits.

  • Learn about the modern day science of yoga and how to apply the benefits to your sport or training.

  • Learn about the Science of Breathing 101 and design your own performance breathing strategy. 

  • Use our functional yoga techniques to do an analysis of your own posture which helps to improve your body reading skills.

  • Learn Biomechanics 101 and start to apply the basics to assess your own structural fitness. 

  • Understand about the Science of Sequencing 101 to help you design a training plan for your own athletic needs. 


Duration of Course:  

12 Weeks.


Course Framework:  

There is 1 Module in this YSS 100 Hour Course. It includes one course assignment, private 1-2-1 tutoring and interactive group sessions with Hayley Winter, founder of Yoga Sports Science® and senior members of the YSS teaching team.


Certificate of Completion:  

Successfully passing this course gives you a YSS 100 Hour certificate of completion. You may use the hours in this training to go towards Continuing Educational Units for the Yoga Alliance USA. When you take this 100 hour beginner's course, you will be eligible to apply for the next YSS 200 Hour Intermediate level to advance your skills. Taking the YSS 200 Hour course comprises of this YSS 100 Hours of study.  This YSS 100 Hour Course does not qualify you to teach or present yourself as a Yoga Sports Coach™.


Certification Information:  

Training to be a certified Yoga Sports Coach™ is 500 hours of course study and is comprised of 5 Modules.


If you want to become a certified Yoga Sports Coach™ you will need to complete both the YSS 200 Hour and YSS 300 Hour courses. 


As this is the only course of its kind that teaches you how to apply the science of yoga in sport, you will be covering material that is not available in other teacher training courses. Therefore, if you already hold a Yoga Alliance or British Wheel of Yoga qualification, you will still need to take all YSS 500 Hours to gain this certification.


YSS 100 Hour Beginners Course: 

It consists of Module 1.


Course Fee: 

£1,480 GBP / $2,300 USD


Early bird discount of £148 / $230 when you pay for this YSS 100 Hour course in advance of the start date. A £600 / $900 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place on this course. The balance is to be paid before the course starts.


Application Process:  

You must apply online. You will be asked to attend a skype interview. Please be aware that not everyone that applies will be successful.


Course Start Date:   

September 2017.


We work with small groups of students to give them individual support. Spaces will be limited so APPLY NOW.


















Dates Announced soon!

Graduate Testimonial:

Yoga Sports Coach™, Freya Cooper

If you enjoy yoga, athletics and analyzing movement, then this course is calling out your name.


It will take you on a journey that will change your life and help you to achieve what you want to do for a living. 


Kim Bass,

Trainee Yoga Sports Coach™

Is this Course for me?

Your background might be a yoga practitioner or teacher. You maybe someone with a background in the healthcare profession such as a physiotherapist, osteopath, sports massage therapist or fitness trainer.

Your background might be in a sports-related field, for example as a

coach or athlete.

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