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How Training With Yoga Sports Science Has Helped Me Grow My Business

When I first discovered Yoga Sports Science, I have to say, I was excited and apprehensive in equal measure. Excited as it seemed to offer me everything I was looking for to take my business to the next level, but could I possibly afford the time and investment as I had just decided to start up my own business?

Following a great telephone conversation with Yoga Sports Science’ awesome and inspiring founder, Hayley Winter, it didn’t take me long to take the leap of faith and dive in. I am now half way through the 500 hour Yoga Sports Coaching course and I have to say, my experience thus far has exceeded my expectations.

Learning Online Has Really Worked for Me.

One might be forgiven for thinking that this kind of distance learning model could compromise the level of tuition, content and collaborative opportunities available to students compared with a more traditional classroom learning experience. Not the case; the content in the modules is superb, the learning platform extremely easy to navigate and the regular one to one tutorials are always inspiring.

Global Student Community.

We are all required to communicate via several forums with our fellow students from all over the world which is educational in itself as everyone is willing to share their own experiences of working with their case study athletes. In a previous working life, I ran a successful European blended learning programme for a large multi-national IT organisation and I can honestly say, that I would have been proud to have run such a professional business as Yoga Sports Science.

Dynamic Interaction.

I look forward to our regular face to face forums with Hayley, the other students and the fantastic YSS tutoring team. We all meet up and whatever stage we are at in the course, we come together with questions and feedback. Hayley and her team of high calibre professionals are incredibly supportive too. Of course, a huge additional benefit of this method of learning is that you are able to plan your studies to suit your own work and family commitments.

Applying Science.

During the second half of the course, students work one to one with a case study athlete. This gives us the opportunity to put into practice everything we have learned and the structured data gathering piece plays a vital role in the YSS research programme. Not only do we take into consideration the performance objectives of the individual athlete, but we closely track the results of a sports-specific yoga programme tailored for them.

Because of the nature of my business working with sports enthusiasts, athletes and physiotherapists, it was important for me to know that I would be part of this global research programme designed to bridge the gap between the established benefits of the ancient practice of yoga and the lack of empirical evidence required by sports professionals.

I'm Still a Student and I've Already Grown My Business!

I have been a yoga teacher for several years and work out of a physio and rehab clinic in the UK. The physiotherapists refer clients to me for private yoga tuition as part of my wellbeing coaching practice and are already excited at the prospect of having a specialist yoga sports coach on the premises. Simply being a student YSS coach has already increased the number of private clients I have and I am confident, once fully qualified, that many more doors will open for me in my region.

Yoga is On the Increase. It's Time to Get Onboard.

Every week there’s a new article on how athletes and sports clubs are incorporating yoga into their training programmes. It’s definitely the right time to jump on board and join this elite team of coaches!

Take a look at Chrissie's YSS student profile on our Official Register of Yoga Sports Coaches™.

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