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Could Penn State University be the first to have a YSS Scholarship Program?

In April, Yoga Sports Science (YSS) Founder Hayley Winter, delivered the first YSS lecture on an American campus to students and staff at Penn State University.

The 2 hour lecture covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of the functional application of Sports Specific Yoga to enhance athletic performance. The event was attended by students studying Kinesiology and Movement Science, Fitness Studies and Athletic Training.

Penn State University is major public research University and has the top Kinesiology Undergraduate program in America. As a center of excellence it teaches students to be forward thinkers and apply their knowledge and skills in preparation for ‘careers in the global arena’.

The international network and referral opportunities that training with YSS has to offer was of enormous interest to the students, particularly to those who are soon to graduate and considering their career path options.

The presentation of YSS Case Study research demonstrated to the attendees that evidenced based yoga is essential when working within an athletic environment and improving fitness levels.

Penn State Kinesiology Instructor Lori Gravish, commented that ‘Yoga Sports Science is probably the best trend for the future and has taken functional screening to its highest level. All athletes, young and old can benefit from this program.’

Imagine what could be achieved if athletes training on Penn State campus had access to students supporting their training with Yoga Sports Science techniques. A perfect blend between education, application, reduced injury, enhanced performance and great results!

The First YSS Student Scholarship in America

Yoga Sports Science is an Organization that for the last decade has seen the changing cultural perceptions of yoga in sport. During that time developing an educational program which provides evidence to the benefits of Sports Specific Yoga, have been central to the curriculum of Yoga Sports Coach training.

Hayley comments, ‘as more athletes turn to yoga to find the marginal gain to enhance their performance, the demand for yoga programs that demonstrate evidence of efficacy will become a deciding factor. Time, money and resources are big considerations, so to bring yoga into an athletes training has to be proved to be worth it. Our Yoga Sports Coaches are already the first choice for many athletes and the demand for their services is set to increase.

‘As YSS develops partnerships within education and in Universities we see the blend of YSS in an Undergraduate Kinesiology or Exercise Science program or a Postgraduate framework, create serious career path options for the emerging graduate population.

‘Inspired by the enthusiasm and focus of some of the Penn State students that we have met, YSS is now offering a Student Scholarship to help graduates with their on-going development and create opportunities for them to take their careers to the next level.’

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