Why yoga teachers need more credibility (rather than more Instagram followers) and how Yoga Sports S

With yoga reaching huge levels of popularity it seems everyone you meet is either a yoga teacher or training to become one! But in a world dominated by picture-perfect Instagram poses by Rock-star yogi’s in colorful leggings is there a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® (YSS), is now a recognized world-wide leader in the twin fields of athletic performance enhancement and cutting-edge yoga education. The Yoga Sports Science MethodⓇ has blended an evidence-based and scientific approach to movement and the ancient wisdom of yoga to create the Yoga Sports Science MethodⓇ for athletes and the Yoga Sports Coach™ Course to train professionals. But how did we get here? Our faculty member Dr Abby Hoffmann investigates.

2001: Hayley Winter teaching relaxation techniques to players at Ipswich Town FC.

In the beginning

As our last blog, YSS: A Recognized Yoga Centre with the British Wheel of Yoga explained, the journey towards becoming a recognized centre of excellence with one of the most renowned yoga organizations started with a single step. By answering the call to become a teacher, YSS founder Hayley began her process of enquiry into the potential that yoga holds for human development. As she realized and experienced so many of the benefits yoga could bring physically, mentally and emotionally to those who practiced, she also started to wonder what these benefits would mean for those working in the professional sports arena. Hayley’s connections brought her into contact with many opportunities to put yoga to the test in a sporting environment.

She has worked with UK Football clubs Southampton and Ipswich to name but two. Ruby Union legend Sir Clive Woodward brought Hayley in as a consultant Yoga Sports Scientist to work with the Southampton FC players including <