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Our Yoga Training

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One year yoga experience
Certified Yoga Sports Coach™
Live / Online
2 - Day Live Training w / Online Component
Online ONLY
Online ONLY
Duration of Course
 2 - Days Live + approx 20 hours online learning
26 weeks
What you will learn

Discover how yoga can be used to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury

Create a micro sequence for your own athletic / personal /professional needs

Discover how sport-specific yoga can be used to help prevent injury.

Develop a practical working understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and neuroscience through the application of sport-specific yoga

Discover how breathing techniques can be used in daily living and how they apply to sport

Advance your skills and knowledge of how to apply the sport-specific yoga directly to an athlete

Yoga in Sport
Science of Sequencing
Anatomy / Biomechanics
Science of Breathing
Injury Prevention
Teaching / Coaching Credentials

Certificate of Attendance

CPD credits

Certified Yoga Sports Coach™ 

Rights to YSS Branding Logos

Certified Advanced

Yoga Sports Coach™ 

Rights to YSS Branding Logos

Teach sport-specific yoga to the general public and to athletes

Design a sport-specific micro sequence that can be extended to a full hour and six-week progression

Advance your skills in the Science of Sequencing 201 and learn how to design a high-level training plan which progresses an athlete over a 10 week sports-specific yoga intervention

Deepen and apply your knowledge of the Science of Breathing for improved performance & recovery

Course Dates

London - 6th & 7th Oct 2018

NY -3rd & 4th Nov 2018

November 2018


Course Fees

$999 / £700

Early Bird Special

$100 / £100 off

London - Expires 31st Aug

NY - Expires 30th Sept

$3800 / £2900

Early Bird Special

10% off expires 30th Sept


Performance Analysis &
Body Reading

Use the unique YSS research tool that enables you to gather data on the athlete and organize and design a sport-specific yoga intervention tailored to the athlete’s primary performance objectives

Biomechanical Assessment

Learn how to do a YSS biomechanical assessment

and screening protocol (201)

Case Study Research

You will engage in research and undertake a YSS Case Study with an athlete in your chosen sport

Collect & present the evidence of your Case Study to prove that sport-specific yoga works in your sport.

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Research Injuries, in a chosen sport, and discover how sport-specific yoga is used for prehab and rehab

Deepen your knowledge of specific injuries applicable to your Case Study Athlete

Understand the biomechanics of breathing and how it can be applied to sports performance & recovery

Deepen your understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, planes of movement and neuroscience through the application of sport-specific yoga

Apply your knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, planes of movement and neuroscience to design an athlete centered & sport-specific program

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