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Our Courses Bridge the Gap Between Yoga and Sport

Welcome to The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® (YSS), the only organization worldwide applying science to bridge the gap between yoga and sport.


Our evidence-based, sports-specific approach to teaching yoga to athletes, provides our students with a unique opportunity to turn a passion for yoga and sport, into a professional career. 


We are excited to offer what is proving to be a breakthrough training program for athletes to achieve sporting excellence and yoga teachers to gain a professional advantage.


A New Generation of Highly Qualified Yoga Professionals


Developed over many years by Hayley Winter, founder of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science®, applied her 30 years yoga teaching experience and her Masters background in sports and exercise biomechanics, during her time working closely alongside athletes and their coaches to create these unique and professional yoga training courses.


Our Courses are the first comprehensive professional training of their kind; innovative, ground-breaking, and facilitating a new generation of highly-qualified yoga professionals.


Gaining Skills and Confidence


Our Courses are designed to enhance your existing skillset.  You can choose to progress through our 3 Courses, gaining skills, knowledge, confidence and a deep and practical understanding of how to integrate sport-specific yoga successfully into sport. You will learn the Yoga Sports Science® techniques, a series of physical and mental disciplines developed by Hayley Winter from the authentic foundations of yoga and learn to deliver her proven methodology, which maximizes the modern-day athlete’s performance potential.



Entry Requirements - Are these Courses for Me?


Your background might be a yoga practitioner or teacher. You may be someone with a background in the healthcare profession such as a physiotherapist, osteopath, sports massage therapist or fitness trainer. Your background might be in a sports-related field, for example as a coach or athlete. A pre-requisite for our Courses is that you must have a regular yoga practice.


Course Structure, Syllabus, and Timeline


Each of our Courses is designed to build on your knowledge and skills as you progress through the training. The structure of the Courses is Modular.


YSS Foundation Course: 2-day live training combines with an online component

YSS Yoga Sports Coach™ Course: consists of Modules 1 and 2 and lasts 24 weeks.

YSS Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ Course: consists of Modules 3, 4 and 5 and lasts 40 weeks.


You can choose to study our Foundation Course on its own, or build on that knowledge and apply it to our YSS Yoga Sports Coach™ Course. Our Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ Course gives you the skills to work one-on-one with an athlete.


We are the only organization worldwide to train and accredit Yoga Sports Coaches™.


Case Study Athlete and Research


An integral part of your training on the YSS Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ Course will be a case study which you undertake on an unpaid basis with an athlete normally local to your area, in which you will research and apply the Yoga Sports Science® techniques that you have learned throughout Modules 1 and 2 in the YSS Yoga Sports Coach™ Course.  As part of your training, you will conduct a10-week sports-specific yoga intervention within your case study athletes training program. This experience will greatly enhance and reinforce your learning.


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Advancing Your Career


On graduation, you qualify as a Yoga Sports Coach™, certified by The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®. This means you can teach our revolutionary programs to train a new generation of athletes for the future. You also join our global community of Yoga Sports Coaches™ and have access to their research and get on-going support from your peers and the YSS team.


As a graduate of The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®, you will be supported with on-going Continuing Education as well as progressing to become an Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ to further enhance your career opportunities.


Take a look at our Courses for more details and to download the Course Prospectus.

Dr. Andy Baldwin, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, talks about the benefits of using

Yoga Sports Science® training for athletes.

Graduate Testimonial:

Yoga Sports Coach™, Freya Cooper

Graduate Testimonial:

Yoga Sports Coach™, Paula Rastrick

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