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Specialty Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Approved online training

Yoga Alliance Approved   

    Online Course starts November 2020

Our School

We Prove Yoga Works



For over a decade students that have trained with us, as Advanced Yoga Sports Coaches™ have undertaken a Case Study Research project and contributed to providing evidence that yoga positively improves athletic performance and supports athletes as an injury prevention program. Each YSS Case Study submitted by our students is archived within our YSS Research Index. We have one of the largest research databases in the world on the efficacy of yoga in sport.

Our Approach


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We bridge the gap between yoga and sport and empower yoga professionals to confidently teach sports-specific yoga to athletes of all ages and abilities, as well as to the general public.


We consider everyone to be an athlete, from elite professionals to Mum’s homeschooling their children,

to healthcare workers dealing with stressful situations on the front line.

Grounded in
Yoga Biomechanics


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We help prepare our students to work with people of any age and ability through our functional and biomechanical approach to applying yoga. The foundation of our yoga teaching is based on biomechanical principles aimed at empowering yoga professionals to adapt and apply to any setting. Yoga sequencing becomes creative and experimental when a solid working knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is applied.


Iyengar Yoga

All of our courses are designed to enhance your current yoga practice, whether you're looking to deepen your own practice or want to share it with others.

Yoga Practice

Our 20-Hour "How to Teach Yoga Online" Course will give you the tools to take your teaching online in a safe and authentic way.


Health Care Professional 

Yoga Teacher 

Yoga Practitioner

Be a yoga teacher for the times.

Apply to our 200-Hour Online Yoga Sports Coach Course.

Our 40-Hour Online "Yoga for Athletes" course will equip you with a foundational understanding of biomechanics and yoga for athletes. 

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Weekend Warrior  

Professional Athlete

As an athlete, you can apply to our 

 200-Hour Online Yoga Sports Coach CourseGift yourself with the skills to understand biomechanics and yoga as a way to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Yoga Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

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We believe the power of yoga can improve athletic performance. 

We have over 10 years of research proving that it works in sport and over a decade's experience teaching our yoga courses online.

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Graduate Yoga Sports Coach™

"The Institute of Yoga Sports Science is a revolution in yoga teacher training and sports performance techniques. From my background as an elite gymnast and later in life as a Yoga teacher, the blending of the two sciences of yoga and sport has been a natural evolution for me. I received so much more contact time with Hayley Winter and her team on this online course than I’ve done on any live training courses!’.

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Olympic Athlete, BBC Sports Presenter, Author & Yoga Teacher

"Athletes need yoga in their training. As an Olympian, I know how much yoga could have helped me. As more athletes use yoga, more yoga professionals will be needed to support them. 

If you are looking for a world-class yoga education in how to teach yoga for athletes, then you will find it here with Hayley Winter and the team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science.”

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Graduate Yoga Sports Coach™

"My experience of studying in the online course is 100% positive! I am totally amazed by the amount of practical and in-depth knowledge. I learned so much about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and the sports-specific demands that athletes have to go through to perform. This course is something I had been looking for and the decision to enroll has been the best possible one for me!”


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is based at Eastern Athletic Club, 43 Clark Street, 

Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201, USA  E:


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