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BWY Members Take Part in  Sports-Specific Yoga CPD Course

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is a Recognised Yoga Centre with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). The British Wheel of Yoga was founded in1965 and is the National Governing Body for Yoga, awarded by Sport England. It is the largest yoga membership organization in the UK. 


We will be supporting members of the BWY through offering Modules and Courses that help BWY yoga students and teachers bridge the gap between yoga and sport.




1.  New BWY Module: Yoga for Athletes - Foundation Course


This groundbreaking Foundations Course sets you on a path to bridge the gap between the science of yoga and sports science. Learn the latest practical and theoretical knowledge, that comes from over a decade of evidenced-based training proving how yoga works in sport.  


  • Gain a powerful base knowledge and understand how to guide athletes through a sports-specific yoga practice to aid in recovery and injury prevention and enhance athletic performance. 

  • Create  a sport-specific yoga sequence to meet your own athletic / personal /work place needs

  • Develop a practical working understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and neuroscience through the application of sport-specific yoga

  • Discover how breathing techniques can be used in daily living and how they apply 


This Course is delivered to you by Hayley Winter and the team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® (YSS), the global leaders in providing a world-class sports-specific yoga education.


The Foundation Course Consists of:


  • Online training: Students explore the course syllabus online in advance (one month) of the live training. It includes contact with the YSS tutors and a chance to get to know your peers before the live event. (approximately 24 hours) 

  • 2-day live training: The online component will be reinforced in a LIVE setting where you will demonstrate an initial understanding of the YSS approach by preparing and delivering a Micro-Sequence based on your own specific athletic or performance needs. 


Certificate of Completion:


Receive CPD credits with the BWY for this course.


Upon completion of this YSS Foundation Course, you will be eligible to apply for the next YSS certified Yoga Sports Coach™ level to advance your skills.  Contact our staff if you are interested in furthering your education.


This YSS Foundation Course does NOT qualify you to teach or present yourself as a certified Yoga Sports Coach™. It does not qualify you as a yoga teacher.


Course Dates

6th & 7th October 2018 (access to online classroom - 1st September 2018)


9th & 10th February 2019 (access to online classroom - 11th January 2019)


Course Fees


£700 GBP

BWY Member Discount £150 OFF - expires 31st August 2018

£60 CPD Fee - paid separately


2. IST Day: Teaching Yoga Classes for Athletes


We are offering this new addition to the In-Service Training days available through the British Wheel of Yoga. The IST day will be focusing on teaching techniques specifically to athletes attending yoga classes: Attendees will:


  • Gain an understanding of the science of yoga in sport

  • Explore key principles of sports-specific breathing, sport-specific movement, and sequencing

  • Be introduced to the principles of teaching yoga to athletes and managing athletes in class


The IST was showcased on the Introductory Stage at this year’s BWY Congress at Warwick University.

Additional IST Online Resource

BWY members will be given access to a unique online resource in advance of attending their IST day. We provide members with downloadable handouts, a comments area for Q&A's and all the information they need to help them make the most of their time with us. 


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is a pioneer in the online yoga training sector. We have been supporting students online since 2009. 


"If you are looking for a world-class yoga education in how to teach yoga to athletes, then you will find it here with Hayley Winter and the team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science."


Anthea is Head of YSS Tutoring and a member of YSS Academic Faculty. She brings a wealth of expertise to the IST days, not only from her experience within YSS but also as a highly qualified BWY Yoga Teacher and a Sports/Remedial Massage Therapist. Learn more about Anthea on her website .

Scheduled IST Days in the UK

Saturday, November 3rd - Cambridgeshire, Eastern Region 

Click here for more details...


3.  Host a BWY IST Day

If you are a Regional Officer, RTO or County Rep for the BWY and would like to run this day, please contact Anthea Sweet  for availability.


If you are a BWY Teacher interested in attending this IST, please contact your Regional Training Officer.

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