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Anthea Sweet

Barnet, London UK

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

I am experienced at working in both group and 1:1 settings with athletes at all levels across a variety of sports, including running, cycling and golf. Teaching since 2004 with the industry-standard British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, I have developed specialist skills in anatomy, posture and movement, and apply this alongside sport-specific Yoga Sports Science techniques with programmes for both performance enhancement and injury prevention/rehabilition. I am a sports and remedial massage therapist.

My core belief is that we all have the ability to create change in ourselves, and my work centres around giving clients tools to develop themselves within an overall lifestyle and training plan. I keep myself physically and mentally fit with a combination of yoga, running and archery.



Working with a number of individuals on their training programmes, from keen amateur sports enthusiasts up to preparation for Olympic trials.


YSS Case Study Research: Marathon Runner


Aim: to explore whether a sport-specific yoga programme could help improve endurance in a marathon runner preparing for an event.


Subject: A male runner: early 40s, with a history of running regular half-marathons and marathons over approximately 13 years. Intervention: 9 weekly 1:1 sessions of YSS sport-specific techniques and approaches, plus directed work for the athlete to incorporate into his individual training programme.


Measures: measures of breathing capacity/performance, and reflective data.


Results: The athlete’s respiratory capacity, post-race recovery and race time improved: he improved his half-marathon PB by 5 minutes, reduced aches and pains the day after the race to almost nothing, and found the planned training schedule achievable. In addition, he experienced reduced levels of fatigue both during running and in everyday life, and there was a greater overall sense of well-being.


Research athlete quote: “Anthea gave me intense coaching for 3 months which led up to improving my half-marathon PB by 5 minutes. I felt more relaxed, comfortable, co-ordinated and focused than in any previous race, with more spring in my feet. Aches and pains in the days following the race were almost non-existent for the first time in 13 years of running, and I found myself able to train on more days consecutively than ever before. Anthea is highly professional, knowledgeable and motivating, builds great rapport and genuinely has the needs of her clienst at the forefront of her mind.”


Highly organised, reliable and client-focused, with a background of 15 years in business, including the management of customer services.

YSS Faculty Member

Anthea is Head of Tutoring for the YSS Yoga Sports Coach™ Course. She is a Senior Tutor and Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™.



Anthea represents the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® as the lead tutor delivering IST days for the British Wheel of Yoga in the UK.


As a YSS Tutor and Faculty member of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science®. She brings a wealth of expertise, not only from her experience within YSS, but also as a highly qualified Yoga Teacher.


She also has a background in body reading, postural analysis and sports and remedial massage therapy.



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An exert from Anthea's YSS Case Study has been published in

'Yoga for Runner's, by Lexie Williamson 

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