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Lexie Williamson

Surrey, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

I am a British Wheel of Yoga (2008) instructor specializing in yoga for runners and cyclists. I work both 1/2/1 with runners, sprinters, triathletes and cyclists and with groups at running and triathlon clubs. I am the yoga instructor for the Elmbridge Road Runners. I also lead regular Yoga for Runners and Cyclists workshops in Surrey and central London.


A former magazine journalist, I now combine sport-specific yoga teaching with fitness writing. I am the author of Yoga for Cyclists and Yoga for Runners (Bloomsbury Publishing, June, 2014). The latter book will be translated into Spanish, German and Mandarin. I have also contributed to Runner’s World (UK), Running Fitness, Outdoor Fitness, Cycling Fitness and Women’s Fitness and write a monthly column for OM Yoga magazine.


My affiliation with the Yoga Sports Science ® training program also led to work with the more ‘mental sport’ of pistol shooting. I have taught yoga-based concentration techniques to several Bisley-based shooters including the former UK Women’s Pistol Shooting Champion. I am currently helping another client prepare for the World Bridge Championships.


I have also worked 1/2/1 with tennis players and run Yoga for Tennis workshops. I have enrolled in a BTEC Higher National Diploma Sports Science course and would also like to study sports psychology. I run, cycle and compete in duathlon and sprint-distance triathlon.


YSS Case Study Research: Cycling

The Aim: To explore if a Sports-Specific Yoga program could improve the respiratory pattern of a road cyclist.

Athlete Profile: Team cyclist, 27, who was keen to breathe slower and deeper in order to conserve energy and improve endurance levels.

The Conclusion: I worked with the athlete for seven weeks in which time his breathing became quieter and slower and he was breathing more using the diaphragm. He was visibly more relaxed and in control of his breathing pattern in the post-yoga intervention video.

I have since taken up cycling in order to compete in a series of triathlon races which has enabled me to experience first-hand issues such as muscular tighness, breathing and mental training that affect cyclists and runners. I am able to talk to cyclists or runners as one myself.


I run Yoga for Runners and Cyclists workshops in Godalming and Cobham in Surrey and central London. I have also taught a Yoga for Sport workshop with fellow Yoga Sport Science® graduate Luma Zaki and have run a Yoga for Tennis workshop at a tennis club. Finally, I have led stretching sessions at my local triathlon club.




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Lexie is the best selling author of

'Yoga for Cyclists' and 'Yoga for Runners'

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