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Yvette Meredith

Surrey, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  February 2013

I am a L3 Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Yoga and Pilates teacher with 20 years experience in the Fitness Industry. 


YSS Case Study Research: Tri-Athlete


I trained as a Yoga Sports Coach™ and I have had the privilege of working with a (World Champion) Middle Distance Runner turned Tri-Athlete who is currently training hard for Rio 2016 Olympics.  To complement the intense mileage training for the swim, we have been focussing on breath, open-chest, shoulder strength, stabilisation and flexibility for the prevention of rotator-cuff injury.  Since recovery is critical to performance gains, we are integrating restorative bite-sized Yoga sequences as part of the cross-training for swim, bike and run to help the body repair itself and come back stronger than before.  Watch this space! 


I have also been working with another Elite Runner who has just recently become British University Cross Country Champion 2013.  During a 10 week period of active recovery and injury (ankle) - we focussed on breath and core control for endurance.  We worked with releasing and restorative postures for lower limbs, plus strengthening and stabilising techniques to enhance power and drive.   A couple of weeks after the intervention he came back to win his next 3 races – one of them being the BUCS 2013.


Why I joined YSS: 


My approach to Yoga is unpretentious and straightforward and my objective is to

de-mystify Yoga for Sports, have fun and to make it inclusive for athletes who recognise the importance of looking after their bodies and find a balance to help achieve their goals. So, if Yoga can help - then great!


I am keen to broaden and share my experience by working with small groups or teams of athletes, from the weekend warrior to the elites, by delivering appropriate, sports-specific Yoga sessions that fit into their periodized training schedule or lifestyle.  Like everything, yoga should be approached with an open mind.  Whatever unnatural things the 'bendy one' on the mat next to you can do, yoga is a journey of self-discovery, it's not about how far you can stretch, but how far you can reach!



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