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Experience the Power and Science of Yoga

with Hayley Winter

Classes for Every Body

Take a look at Hayley's style of teaching 




This morning flow class is designed to help you effortlessly release muscle tension, unlocking the vital energy in your body to help you throughout the day.


Taking this class gets both your mind and body better prepared giving you the best possible start to your day.


This yoga class is designed to help you move more freely and reduce the build up of stress in your body.


It's not pretzel yoga and no headstands, or handstands. Suitable for people that have practiced yoga.

Monday, Wednesday 
& Friday: 7 - 8 am




Tuesday: 7 - 8.15 pm

Often the biggest obstacles to joining a yoga class is the belief that you have to be flexible to do yoga.

Well, you don’t.


In this yoga class, Hayley teaches you how to begin moving through your inflexibility to release tension in muscle groups that can keep your body bound to its restricted movement and discomfort. Tension in your muscles uses vital energy that can be released to enhance how you perform throughout your day.


Hayley will show you how to begin unlocking your everyday performance potential and achieve the lasting benefits of greater flexibility both on and off the mat.


This yoga class is designed to give you the foundations of a simple and effective yoga practice.


It's not pretzel yoga and no headstands, or handstands. Suitable for beginners, or people who have practiced yoga before, but are looking to experience something new from their practice.


for the



Monday & Thursday 
7 - 8.15 pm

Release your natural athlete and experience greater movement efficiency to help you perform with more ease in your sport, training or life.


In this yoga class Hayley teaches you how to enhance your agility, strength, power, balance, focus and endurance by delivering her unique yoga sequencing style she has applied to athletes to help them achieve lasting results. You don’t need to be an athlete to join this class.


This evening class is designed to help you unwind and enjoy a fluid yoga practice that sets you up for a good night's sleep and greater performance potential for the next day.


This class will be dynamic, but it won't be pretzel yoga. We will not be practicing headstands or handstands. Suitable for people who have a yoga practice. 




We all experience different levels of stress, but it is our ability to manage it that can be a fine line between reacting badly to a situation or responding smartly. Low level and high levels of stress have a detrimental effect on the mind and body.  


In this yoga class Hayley teaches you simple and practical ways to move out of stress and re-establish your body’s natural equilibrium. She will help you break through the stress barrier quickly and effectively.


This lunchtime class is designed to give you a strategy to reduce stress for the remainder of your day. 


No pretzel yoga, handstands, or headstands. All levels welcome.

Monday & Wednesday
12.30 - 1.30 pm

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How to Get to Us

By subway:


Take the 2 or 3 to Clark Street.

Take the A or C to High Street.

Take the 4,5 or 6 to Borough Hall

Take the R to Montague Street.

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