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Surina van der Mewre

Westcape, South Africa

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  August 2013

My journey started at an early age. Through personal experience my fascination in the body and with movement grew. At age 18 I was studying Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology while qualifying and working as a Pilates trainee. I explored various disciplines and movement forms that helped guide me into specializing in postural realignment and muscle re- patterning. Working in rehabilitation, under the guidance of an Orthopaedic surgeon, I had the opportunity of introducing movement therapy (Working with the facia lines and functional movement, integrating the core and alignment principles of Pilates).


I continued expanding my knowledge through various courses and workshops including qualifying as a Yoga teacher. Through modifying the way I teach Yoga I can offer functional movement that can improve performance as well as assist in prehab and rehab.


Being part of the sporting community I realised the benefit that a sport-specific yoga programme could offer athletes, enhancing their performance as well as assisting in the longevity of their careers. This has ignited my passion to share my knowledge and understanding, in order to educate athletes and their coaching teams.


The YSS course was an enriching experience, offering a merge between sport science and Yoga. Through the YSS methodology I have gained a deeper understanding on how to offer the sporting community and athletes specialized programmes that are sport-specific and athlete centred. I aim to raise more awareness in athletes on how sport-specific yoga programmes, including prehab and rehab, will improve their performance as well assist in their longevity.


YSS Case Study Research:  Downhill Mountain Biking


Case Study Aim: To determine if a 7 week (10 sessions) athlete centred, sport specific programme could improve the movement efficiency in the lower limbs of a downhill mountain bike rider and improve his pedaling.


Athlete Profile: 19 year old male Elite Downhill Mountain bike rider (Competing Internationally) wanting to improve his pedaling.


Measures: Lower limb alignment and movement efficiency during pedaling.


Results: The lower limb alignment and movement efficiency improved within the 7 weeks of the sport-specific intervention. Focusing on the alignment and weight distribution of the lower limbs assisted the athlete in improving his body awareness and movement efficiency. The athlete noticed an improvement in his pedaling as well as his balance and proprioception on the bike. The athlete’s cycling coach commented on the improvement in his pedaling and position on the bike.

YSS Faculty Member

Surina has been a Tutor on the YSS 200, and 300 Hour Yoga Sports Coach™ Course.


As a YSS Tutor and part of the Faculty member of the Institute of Yoga Sports Science® she brings a wealth of expertise, not only from her experience within YSS, but also as a qualified Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor.


She also has a background in Postural Realignment and Physical Rehabilitation.






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