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Sophie Bickerdike

Yorkshire, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  July 2012

I have been teaching yoga for 10 years now. I have studied Ashtanga, Pilates, Kundalini, Pregnancy and Baby Yoga, Hot Yoga and now yoga for sport with Yoga Sports Science®.


I had begun to notice that the majority of my class members were very sports-minded. A lot of my returning class members were runners. I decided to train to be a Yoga Sports CoachTM to find some specific techniques for the runner. This has helped my other athletes immensely and working alongside my Mentor, Diane Lee has been an inspiration. Since graduating, I continue to work with my case study athlete as she is very keen to use this technique to further improve her results.



YSS Case Study Research: An Elite Athlete Training in Sprint - 100m/200m Runner


The Aim: was to explore whether a Sports-Specific yoga programme could improve an athlete’s start as well as their running frame of mind.


Athlete Profile: An elite athlete, 32, aiming to keep on form and running for her local team, training alongside promising Olympic hopefuls.


The Conclusion: I worked with this athlete for 10 weeks. During that time I applied Sport-Specific Yoga techniques to my athlete. The outcome was that she improved her start, her focus and her time! Her legs also were noted by her coach to have developed greater strength and she had re-invigorated her training frame of mind.


I had chosen to work with this runner as I loved running myself and I wanted to know more about this sport. The study has helped me to understand the running athlete’s physiology and mind-play in much more detail. It has also helped me with my own running in my free time.



I bring additional specialisms to my Yoga Sports Coaching skills. Not only as a coach and teacher but also as a trained reflexologist.


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