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Rishin Paonaskar

London, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

I started practicing yoga following my physiotherapists recommendation to recuperate from a shoulder injury caused by cycling. Although I didn't initially intend to stick with it for too long, I soon found myself addicted to the calming yet strengthening aspects of yoga and after leaving a career in banking to start my own food business, I signed up for the 200 hour teacher training at Hot Power Yoga in London.


I completed my  Yoga Sport Science® qualification in March 2014 and currently teach at studios around London. I have also taught yoga at retreats in Guatemala and Mexico and run workshops for rowers, CrossFit athletes and triathletes. I particularly enjoy applying principles I picked up during my YSS course to my own personal training as I have already taken part in a couple of triathlons this year and am also taking part in Tough Mudder UK later this year!


YSS Research Case Study:  Crossfit Athlete


I worked with a CrossFit athlete over the course of 10 weeks and during the course of the intervention identified sport specific YSS techniques which would help improve balance and awareness of breathing.


There was a significant improvement in the athletes power output through this focus on breath as well as in the athletes balance which translated into better performance in a number of CrossFit exercises such as stepups and single leg squats where balance is an important factor.




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