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Rachael Arabian

North Carolina, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  February 2013

As a former Captain in the United States Army, enhanced mental and physical performance was always of interest to me. Over the years I studied the practice of yoga extensively and found it to be the best compliment to demanding physical fitness routines and mental performance. This is what led me to Yoga Sports Science®. By subtly enhancing or altering the body’s biomechanics, we can improve both physical and mental performance simultaneously.


YSS Case Study Research:  Running


I worked with an avid female runner who was diagnosed with Trendelenburg Gate and could no longer run, walk or sleep without pain. After our 10 weeks together, the athlete was able to sit on her mat cross-legged for the first time since she was a child. She was also able to run, walk and sleep without pain. Her running form improved tremendously.


Other Specialism I offer:


I also work as a Yoga Instructor, both privately and in studio settings. I teach yoga to a wide population ranging from athletes, seniors, and individuals with post traumatic stress.


I find helping athlete’s enhance their performance very rewarding.



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