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Natalie Gerrard

Herfordshire, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and am passionate about it. I am a Yoga teacher. I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course in October 2010, and then went on to gain my teaching diploma with Camyoga Cambridge (16 month course) qualifying in February 2012.


I am registered with Yoga Alliance UK and REPs. I find the human body and its capabilities fascinating. However, to achieve the best from yourself you need to work on both the mind and body. This is especially important in the world of sport where athletes strive to achieve their best whilst coming under physical and mental pressures.


Yoga can help provide the tools for dealing with both.In a competitive field where finding that extra 1% gain can mean the difference between winning or losing, and where remaining injury free is vital, I believe Sport-Specific Yoga can help make the difference.


My YSS Case Study Research: Cricket


Subject:   A cricketer (batting all-rounder) – mid to late thirties, who wanted to improve range of mobility and help prolong his ability to play cricketIntervention: YSS techniques and approaches were delivered to the athlete once a week for eight weeks.


Results:   By providing the athlete with a sport-specific yoga programme, with emphasis on movement efficiency, the athlete made gains in core control, breathing, strength, and recovery from injury.


Other:  My approach to teaching is methodical as well as student/individual focussed. Having previously worked in law for 10 years, I have developed a keen eye for detail and this is a skill which has transferred over into my teaching. I believe that alignment and precision of movement are of utmost importance in order to achieve a safe yet fluid and efficient movement of the body. The capabilities and sporting demands and requirements made on an athlete are unique, and therefore require a specific well thought out programme - something which I take pleasure in providing.I teach groups and 1-1, and so far have worked with an amateur footballer, scuba diver and several runners.



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