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Michael Ladich-Rogers

Portland, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  February 2013

I’ve been involved in athletics my whole life, whether it’s playing football, tennis, golf, baseball or basketball. Growing up I always had a basketball hoop nearby and it was during those meditations by myself shooting hoops, or on a team that I really learned to love the game.


After graduating college in 2010, I traveled the globe hoping to make it a year before coming home. In 53 weeks, traveling to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Thailand, Bali, Japan, France, Spain and Italy I was sponge saturating every experience I immersed myself in. I taught English as a foreign language in Egypt and Japan (where at one point I was teaching 25 classes a week to first-time learners in kindergarten, to Japanese English teachers who spoke fluently) and earned a 200 hour certification to teach Hatha Yoga whilst in Bali. The month spent in Bali was the most vivid experience I’ve ever had. That’s what brought me to Yoga Sports Science®.


I truly love teaching/coaching. I relish being instrumental in helping people achieve their goals in life. The bond that’s created is sacred and the backbone for my teaching students and athletes (or student/athletes). Yoga Sports Science® merges the two worlds that are definitive pillars of who I am and gives me the opportunity to work with others who are similarly minded.



YSS Case Study Research Profile: Basketball


During my training with YSS I concentrated on basketball as my case study sport and developing a sports-specific flow to improve my athletes performance. The goal was to prove that my case study athlete achieved a 1% performance increase.


After the 10 week intervention I noticed massive gains in my athlete’s ability to stay low in a squat for longer periods of time, shifting laterally with more comfort and range. His core strength improved and he proved to have more power after the intervention had completed. Ultimately, he improved his movement efficiency, functional ability and strength. His improvement over 10 short weeks with me, translated to his play and a 1% performance increase was achieved.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:


I am looking forward to helping a team or individual players, looking for that extra edge in their sport, to put them over the top and achieve their dreams.





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