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Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

Melissa Marinenau

Kansas, USA

I run MVMNT for Athletes, a company based in Kansas City dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities and all sports excel in their passion using the knowledge I gained from this course as well as my background in dance and swimming, and more recent experiences in strength training and endurance sports.


YSS Case Study Research Profile:  Triathlon + CrossFit


I worked with an experienced triathlete during the off-season who was focusing on CrossFit and strength training. The main focus of the study was to improve overall efficiency to help him in both endeavours, as well as improve functional mobility of the feet, hips and shoulders. During the nine-week intervention improvement gains were made most noticeably with functional mobility in the feet/ankles and hips, but also in the shoulders. There was also a noticeable improvement in overall efficiency and increased awareness throughout all movements.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:


I currently work mostly with CrossFitters, triathletes and dancers, but am anxious to begin working with athletes in other sports as well as adolescents/junior athletes. I have experience teaching dance, dancing professionally, as well as teaching and coaching swimming. I am also an age-group triathlete.



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