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Melanie Davenport

Suffolk, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date: September 2016

After a career as a professional dancer, I have been a practising massage therapist for 19 years but found my passion in life in teaching yoga 15 years ago. A keen interest in the body and how it works keeps me enthused as well as watching students progress in their fitness.


YSS Case Study Research: Judo

Subject:  A junior judoka wanting to improve his judo techniques.

Objectives:  To establish whether a sport-specific Yoga programme can improve lower limb functional mobility for a judoka.

Results:  By providing the athlete with an appropriate sport-specific yoga programme, with the main emphasis on lower limb strength, mobility and alignment, the athlete saw improvements in these areas.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:

I offer 1:2:1 sessions designed for the individual and their sport based on findings in an initial biomechanical assessment to improve athletic performance.


Other Specialism to offer:

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy



Reiki 3

Children's Yoga



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