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Mattie Flammond

Texas, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation date: June 2017

I started my journey in fitness over 25 years ago and I continue to enjoy learning about the body and how I can best use my skills and knowledge to help others achieve optimal health. My experience in a variety of styles of fitness has allowed me to be more creative when working with clients and I have been able to pull from the many fitness styles in order to create a plan for my clients to reach their individual goals. I am interested in working with athletes and non-athletes in order to help them achieve functional mobility and also work with individuals for pre-hab and rehab purposes. I would like to work with Mixed Martial Arts athletes as well as any other athletes or fitness enthusiasts that are looking to improve performance, recover from injuries, or just prevent them. I have been incorporating the YSS Techniques I have learned throughout the course when I teach my senior clients and they have responded well so this may be another area I would be interested in working with.


My YSS Case Study Research: Boxing


Case Study Aim: To establish whether a sport-specific yoga program could help a boxer achieve a more effective boxing punch.

Athlete Profile: A boxer, 31 years of age, who wanted to improve boxing punch.

Measures: Shoulder and thoracic mobility

Results: By providing the athlete with a sport-specific yoga program, with the main emphasis on building thoracic and shoulder mobility, the athlete was able to improve his boxing punch. The ten-week intervention showed the athlete made improvements in thoracic and shoulder mobility which allowed for more range of motion while performing his boxing punches.


Other Specialism to offer: I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have received a Masters degree in Exercise and Sports Science. I have over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry.

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