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Matt Allen

Brighton, UK

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  November 2009

My background is as Fitness Trainer, but with a specialism in nutrition for enhanced performance. Over the years I have extensively studied and applied the science of nutrition to support the 21st Century athlete.  It was this path that lead me to want to train with Yoga Sports Science®. The way the body moves can tell you a lot about how the mind works and how the two connect, where the mind goes the body follows. In order to thrive and perform to our maximum we have to look at the ancient sciences and know how to apply them in a modern day context - which is where YSS fits.


I apply my Yoga Sports Science® knowledge to help athletes reach there optimum level of performance and maintain a balanced level of emotional and physical well-being.



YSS Case Study Research: Karate


I worked with a 14 year old male who was training for his black belt in Karate which he achieved 6 months after we began our sessions together.



Currently training with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition which will enable me to work on other aspects of health and well-being  alongside the yogic interventions for athletes.

I also work as a Yoga Health Coach.

YSS Role

Matt has provided Mentoring support for students on the Yoga Sports Coaching course.


He has also writtenblogs for YSS on nutrition.



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