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Lesley Elder

Alicante, Spain

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

I have been practising yoga for 7 years and am a CYQ qualified and REPS registered yoga teacher. I completed the Yoga Sports Science© Yoga Sports Coach™ Diploma in 2014 and have recently given up a career in banking to focus on yoga full-time.


I run Athlete Yoga, aimed at athletes who want to integrate yoga into their training regime, providing guidance and 1-2-1 coaching. Now based near Alicante in Spain, I have set up Yoga Camp Spain for athletes who would like an intensive introduction to yoga.


The Yoga for Sport weekend helps athletes to understand how yoga can support their training practice, prevent injuries and speed up recovery from existing injuries. It introduces the YSS methodology, looking at breathing techniques, postures for strengthening and flexibility as well as the more holisitic benefits yoga can bring to the athlete’s performance.


My YSS Case Study Research: Rugby


I worked with Dalkeith Rugby Football Club during my case study running weekly classes and rehab sessions. The main focus of the case study was to improve flexibility in a 2nd row Forward, focusing particularly on lengthening the hamstrings and improving pelvic mobility. Excellent results were achieved within an 8-week period with the athlete being able to touch his toes for the first time in over 10 years as well as developing improvement in breathing and overall endurance. The club went on to win their league and gain promotion to the first division.


My Yoga Sports Coach™ Profile


I work mainly with runners, cyclists and triathletes as well as rugby players but am also keen to explore the potential of introducing yoga into other areas. My experience of teaching yoga to corporate clients has shown an increasing need to address postural issues such as frozen shoulder and neck pain resulting from long-term desk and computer working.Through attending a Yoga for Sport weekend I work with clients to identify underlying issues affecting performance creating a yoga programme to address these issues which the client can work on at home. I provide remote coaching and can also help clients to find a local Yoga Sports Coach™ or teacher to support them in their practice on their return home.


Other Specialism to offer:


I currently teach in English and am learning Spanish to enable me to teach in the local area.


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