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Lesley Durke

Kent, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  August 2013

My sporting background is in gymnastics – starting at the age of 3 and continuing for over 20 years. I have also had some training in dance, athletics (100m sprint) and karate as well as previously enjoying badminton and rock climbing as hobbies. Currently my fitness work revolves around Yoga which I have enjoyed for many years and taught since 2012. I am also a keen walker enjoying being in the Kent countryside whenever possible.


I graduated as a Yoga Sports Coach™ in August 2013 and am looking forward to working with athletes across many sports in the future. As a former Clinical Pharmacist specializing in Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Chest Diseases, I am continually amazed by the benefits that Yoga can bring to a person in their mobility, strength, flexibility, breathing and emotional wellbeing. By tailoring Yoga to the requirements of an athlete and their sport, I believe that Yoga has the potential to enable them to reduce injury incidence, achieve more within their sport and generally within their lives.


I am happy to work with teams, small groups or to give 1 to 1 sessions. My Yoga studies and Pharmacy degree have given me a good understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology which can help me to assess an athlete’s individual needs as well as those of their sport so helping them in their aim for excellence and success. I have experience of working within a team of professionals and am happy to do so. I enjoy working with a people-centred approach, am very organized, reliable and conscientious.


YSS Case Study Research: Runner


Research Profile: Veteran 800m and 1500m Track Runner


Aim: To explore whether a sport-specific YSS Yoga Programme could improve mobility, strength, stability and breathing in a veteran track runner.


Subject: A male runner, early 50’s, who was increasingly suffering from calf, hamstring and gluteus medias injuries and who had suffered exercise-induced asthma for over 20 years.


Results: The athlete’s mobility, stability and strength all improved allowing the athlete to improve his running posture, stride length, stability at toe-off and fluidity of movement. The athlete was very pleased with all of the improvements achieved but felt it was the improvement in his breathing giving greater endurance that was the most significant outcome.


Athlete Quote: “The course has been fantastic. Lesley is a great teacher. It has been challenging, dynamic and much more that I thought it was going to be – not just stretching but flowing movement, core work and a combination of these. It’s been really good, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it”



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