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Lacie Gibson

Portland, OR USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date: September 2018

Yoga Sports Coach.png

Sport researched: Tennis


Primary Performance Objective for final assignment and qualification: Ankle mobility as an integral component of ground reaction force to achieve full extension of a jump serve


Reflection on how you believe your qualification as a Yoga Sports CoachTM has advanced your skills and how it will benefit athletes who train with you:

  • My skills as a yoga instructor, now Yoga Sports CoachTM have been advanced by a holistic understanding of how to approach working with and connecting to athletes (performance nerves, appropriate breathing techniques, find the root of what the athlete needs for their training then deliver sessions slowly and methodically). I am reminded to return to the beginning moments of when I first started practicing yoga and carry that beginner's mindset into my sessions with athletes, less is more. With my background as a yoga instructor and my history of playing competitive and non-competitive sports, I am able to bring my passion and reverence of sport as well as my passion and reverence for the way yoga has transformed me, and deliver that to athletes who train with me. Athletes could benefit from improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and aid in recovery.

Other Specialism to offer: 

  • I have worked with athletes and non-athletes in physical therapy clinics over 5 years

  • 500-hour yoga teacher training (200-hour YTT certificate & 300-hour YTT certificate)

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