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Kelsy Wheeler

Colorado, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduate Date: June 2017


I am a proud Colorado native who loves experiencing life outdoors. I love to hike and ski, stand-up paddleboard, cycle and run; any sport or activity that gets me outside under sunshine and blue skies. I have been participating in sports since I was a young child. I have danced, played soccer, and volleyball, ran track and cross country and I threw discus and shotput. I have also done triathlons, half marathons, and cycling races. I started practicing yoga over seven years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I firmly believe that yoga can change lives and that is something I strive to help people do.


I am currently living in St. Augustine, Florida where I am studying to become a Physical Therapist. I have had experience working with several different types of patients from geriatrics to professional athletes. My ultimate goal is to become a private practice owner in the next five years where I can incorporate my knowledge as a physical therapist with my knowledge of yoga to help people of all abilities become their best.


YSS Case Study Research:  Middle-Distance Running


Objective: To establish whether a sport-specific restorative yoga program could help a middle-distance runner improve her endurance and decrease her anxiety.


Subject: A 25-year-old female graduate student and recreational runner who runs 5Ks and 10Ks.


Intervention: YSS Techniques and approaches were delivered to the athlete face-to-face three times and via Skype twice over a span of 6 weeks.


Main Measure: YSS Breathing Log Book and Focus & Balance Log Book

Results: By providing a sport-specific restorative yoga program, the athlete was able to run longer while breathing nasally and able to utilize techniques to help her relax and concentrate.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:

As a Yoga Sports Coach™, I am extremely interested in helping not only individual athletes perform at their highest level but I would also love to help teams achieve their goals together. Yoga Sports Science techniques provide a unique opportunity for athletes to utilize the benefits of yoga that is tailored to the individual, unlike traditional yoga classes.    


As a future Physical Therapist, I can help individuals heal from disease and injury but as a Physical Therapist and a Yoga Sports Coach™, I can help people become and perform their best.


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