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Julie Hustwayte

Peterborough, UK

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  November 2009

I am a Chartered  Physiotherapist and Licensed Acupunturist with 25 years experience. I have a Masters degree in Pain Management. Following a career in the NHS as a Clinical Specialist in cancer and paliative care I have run my own private practise specialising in musculosketal conditions and pain management for the last 10 years. I have practised yoga for 20 years and know that it has helped me stay physically and mentally strong.


I am particularly interested in the benefits  of yoga breathing practises and focus  techniques. I have found that when used regularly by patients  they provide an effective Pain Management tool, enabling them to improve both their daily performance and control their pain.


I use Yoga Sport Science® techniques routinely with athletes/patients from a range of sports and of all ages. I combine these techniques with my medical skills to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment programme to rehabilitate them back to full fitness. It provides a means of preventing further injury, ensuring that patients/atheletes can continue with their chosen sport safely.


YSS Case Study Research:   Golf


Aim:  Will a regular practise of Yoga Sports Science® Exercises improve a golfers overall perfomance and bring about a reduction in injuries?


Subject: 42 year old female with recurrent injury problems


Conclusion: The study produced an improvement in performance resulting in her winning the annual open golfing competition. There were no injuries during the study time and the athelete reported feeling the best she had ever felt. Her handicap also decreased by two points.



YSS Workshop:

Have delivered workshops for YSS focusing on the Biomechanical Assessment and Revisiting Anatomy and Physiology



Other Specialism to offer:

Biomechanical Assessments for Health Screening

Pain Management

Specialist exercise programmes for Cancer and Palliative Care patients.

YSS Role

Julie has provided Mentoring and Tutoring support for students on the Yoga Sports Coaching course.


Julie was previously Consultant Physiotherapist to YSS and helped develop the YSS Athlete Assessment Protocol.



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