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Johnston Lowry

Surrey, UK

Trainee Yoga Sports Coach™

Why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®:
  • improve my knowledge of yoga, anatomy and ‘one-on-one’ coaching

  • improve generically my yoga lessons and core teaching skills

  • be able to offer something additional to a broader scope of clients

  • attract more men (and women) into yoga

  • have more authority within the yoga teaching world

  • add something special to my new yoga business which will attract more business

  • to engage in the completion of a project with athlete which I think will be a fascinating learning experience

  • to specialise in the use of yoga as a meditative psychology which sports people can use to good effect in their game


Once I Qualify as a Yoga Sports Coach™:


I would seek to work with sports professionals. Presently I think  Golf would be my chosen sport but I’m reluctant to place constraints upon myself at this early stage.


I’m very keen to work with combat veterans or others who: through accident, illness or injury: can no longer pursue a sporting or other active lifestyle as they once did. I think yoga could fill that gap tremendously well and help them to make the physical and mental adjustments needed to cope with the changes in their lives.


Aspirationally I aim to develop my own business “Yoga Mind & Body” as a  studio and teacher training facility; with a contemporary approach. Hence my by-line “…yoga without mystique”. But that is all it is at the moment: an aspiration!


I hope I have enough humility to recognise that I have a long way to go. However, without an aim which one is passionate about I don’t believe these things can happen. That being of course if I have the ability, drive and self-belief: plus a bit of serendipity always helps! I think the two often go hand-in-hand.


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