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Jim Harrington

Cape Town, South Africa

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

An Australian based in Capetown – South Africa


I have a Bachelor of Science and twin Diplomas in Sports therapies and Remedial Therapies in Sydney. I have been in successful private practice working with a focus on posture related musculoskeletal disfunction since 1998.


I was competitive sportsman growing up and was involved in Swimming, AFL (Australian Rules Football), Martial Arts, and Surfing. I started practicing yoga 25 years ago to recover from an injury.


I have built a reputation in South Africa for anatomically sensible approach to yoga. Offering a courses there in Applied Anatomy for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners and Teacher Training Courses since 2005. With the aim to improve the safety and quality of Yoga Training by anchoring teachers in medical anatomy and science.


I was the first Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) to set up a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher Training Course in South Africa.I have trained extensively in various yoga traditions in India and China and have a strong interest in bridging the divide that exists between Eastern and Western approaches to health, and wellbeing.


YSS Case Study Research: Triathlon


A Sports-Specific Yoga based intervention on Triathlon over 9 weeks during the competative season involving 5 major events.


Subject: The subject was a 40 year old representing South Africa and hoping to improve running and breathing performance.

Results: There was an emphasis on building respiratory strength, core control and improving the capacity for recovery. The intervention showed improvements. The athlete reported an improved awareness of breathing, and a reduction in the feeling of fatigue.Greater gains would be expected during a non-competition period.


Yoga Sports Coaching Profile:


I am currently a consultant to professional cricket teams, including the Indian National team (in 2011) and the IPL Delhi Daredevils Franchise. I run specialised courses in Indonesia, India and Capetown and work with individuals.


My therapeutic experience already lead me to modify and adapt Yoga’s traditional methods while working specifically with athletes, so the Yoga Sports Science Method was a natural progression for me. The scientific approach and research base are now helping me to guide athletes toward improvements in performance.Experince working with National teams and high profile athletes in “Corporate Teams” has been very valuable in terms of understanding the mindset and culture of that kind of sport.



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