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Jess Dowie

Perth, Australia

Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  November 2009

I come from a family of sports people. I trained competitively in Australia in a number of different sports, but unfortunately through injury, I had to retire at a very early age, which is what lead me to yoga.


I've been practicing and teaching for the last 12 years. I was drawn to the Yoga Sports Science® course because of my sporting background and history.


I use my training and skills as a Yoga Sports Coach™ to help with the prevention of injury for athletes and help to enhance performance in different sporting disciplines.

I'm keen on working with athletes in extreme sports, snowboarding and surfing as I know that these types of sports can cause a number of injuries. So I see my role as an Advanced Yoga Sports Coach™ as adding value, even if it's just a small marginal gain.


YSS Case Study Research: Golf


During my training to be a Yoga Sports Coach, I worked with a professional Golfer to improve his performance.

YSS Role

Jess has provided Mentoring support for students on the Yoga Sports Coaching course.

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