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Jennifer Marsh

Oyster Bay, New York, U.S.

Trainee Yoga Sports Coach™

Why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®:


I joined Yoga Sport Science® because I have been always interested in how the body moves. I injured my knee during a ski accident partially tearing my ACL and meniscus. I did not want surgery so I went to my Yoga instructor who is also a physical therapist and she showed me how to stregnthen the muscles around my knee and leg. This really opened my eyes to yoga in a different way. I realized you can use your muscles indifferent ways to help develop not only flexibility but strength. I feel this is why I became interested in YSS.


Once I Qualify as a Yoga Sports Coach™:


I initially want to work with highschool students and the coaches to show how techniques of Yoga can help develop an athletes ability to  perform at their highest potential . The coaches and athletes will gain knowledge on how to use their body more efficiently while performng in the sport.  I am very excited about learning how to express how yoga can be or should be apart of an athletes workout.

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