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Jayme Rodgers

Bromley, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  July 2012

I have been practising Yoga for over 10 years, not always consistently, sometimes dipping in and out, but always coming back to it after a period away. When I decided to train as a teacher in 2011 I looked for a course with a scientific, biomechanical focus and YSS gave me not only that, but the chance to incorporate the sport I love so much - Cheerleading! I strongly feel that Yoga has a lot to offer competitive cheerleaders in regards to improved strength and flexibility and decreased risk of injury, but also in heightening body awareness and proprioception which is crucial for sports where you are airborne. 


My other passion is acrobatics. I have been practising AcroYoga for around 5 years, I love the feeling of sharing weight with another person, of trust and surrender when flying and of offering my support and strength when basing. Because of this love for contact work, I gained my certificate to teach Partner Yoga through Unity Yoga Studios of Brighton in early 2014 and really enjoy teaching this rewarding practice – it offers so much more than solo yoga, giving the practitioner a chance to connect and play with another human – something that is often missing from our busy lives these days!


I am fortunate to have also had a lot of experience working with different bodies through my circus training alongside 40 deaf and disabled people in preparation for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in 2012, my work with the Worlds First Wheelchair Partner Stunt Cheerleading team, and teaching yoga and acrobatic practices to disabled dancers. My husband is a wheelchair user and in 2014 we have been involved with launching a new division of Cheerleading called Paracheer, offering opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people to compete together. 


These varied experiences have given me a unique perspective and a wide variety of teaching styles to offer. I am particularly interested in working with Cheerleaders or those in Circus and other Performing Arts, but am also open to working with anyone who wants to see what Yoga can offer them. I would be very interested in working with athletes with disabilities.


YSS Case Study Research: Cheerleading

The Aim: To explore the outcome for a Cheerleading Flyer when a considered sports-specific YSS intervention was introduced to her training programme.

Athlete Profile: A 21 year old cheerleader in a high-level competitive team, whose main role on the team is as a flyer.

The Conclusion:  A short intervention delivered in 7 sessions over 10 weeks resulted in increased stability in the pelvis and ankles, improved shoulder strength and a decrease in anxiety. These elements lead to improvements in her tumbling and stretches.





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