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Jacquie Pollard

West Yorkshire, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

I teach yoga classes for Leeds City Council and a private gym as well as running my own classes in local venues. My yoga classes consist of a fusion of hatha yoga and Yoga Sport Science® techniques.


Since graduating as a Yoga Sports Coach™ I have worked on an individual basis with a triathlete, helping his general flexibility, core stability and balance, targeting in particular tight hamstrings, a groin strain injury and lower back spasms.

I have also devised individual yoga programmes for yoga students with lower back pain; bursitis of the hip; sciatica; and toning of abdominals and thighs. I am currently working with two yoga students who suffer from ME (chronic fatigue), and yoga has really helped them to cope – in one case enabling her to return to work after a period of sick leave.


YSS Case Study Research: Golf

A bio-mechanical assessment was carried out, followed by a 9 week programme of YSS techniques specially formulated for a golfer with stiffness in the lower back; tightness in the hamstrings; weak quadriceps and an old injury in the left shoulder.

YSS techniques assisted in increasing her range of movement, strengthening her core and improving her balance. As a result her golf swing became more concise and efficient, which was noticed by her golf coach. The yoga intervention also improved her focus and concentration, and helped her to relax. This resulted in her winning a partner golf competition at her local club.


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