The Institute of Yoga Sports Science 


Yoga for Athletes Foundation Course 

2018 LIVE in

New York & London! 

Set yourself on an elite path to bridge the gap between the science of yoga and sports science with this groundbreaking Foundation Course 

With over a decade of evidenced-based training proving how yoga works in sport you will receive both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Open up a whole new world of opportunities to you in yoga and sport?

Join Hayley Winter and her team; the pioneers in proving that

yoga improves athletic performance and helps keep athletes injury free

About Us

The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is the global leader in providing a world class sports-specific yoga education.


Our mission is simple: we train yoga professionals to deliver sports-specific yoga to athletes, tailored to the demands of their sport and integrated into their training in an easy, sustainable and enjoyable way.  

Sport-Specific yoga IS the missing link in sports training. Through the application of science, we bridge the gap between yoga and sport, enabling yoga enthusiasts and athletes of all ages and abilities to benefit from our tried and tested methods.


Our evidenced-based, sports-specific yoga approach of teaching yoga to athletes, provides our students with a unique opportunity to turn a passion for yoga and sport, into a professional career as a Yoga Sports Coach™.


Each student that has trained with us and completed their certification as a Yoga Sports Coach™ has contributed to our growing database of evidence, demonstrating how and why yoga works to prevent injury and improve athletic performance.


Since 2009, we have been delivering our sports-specific yoga Courses online and are one of the pioneers in teaching yoga in a virtual classroom.  We now deliver our Courses both ONLINE and in a LIVE training environment.


The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® has its campus in Brooklyn Heights, New York. LIVE Courses, currently in the US & the UK


"Athletes need yoga in their training. As an Olympian I know how much yoga could have helped me, sadly I was only introduced to it as I retired from competing at the highest level. As more athletes use yoga,
more yoga professionals will be needed to support them.
If you are looking for a world-class yoga education in how to teach yoga to athletes, then you will find it here with Hayley Winter and the team at the Institute of Yoga Sports Science."


 The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® is based at Eastern Athletic Club, 43 Clark Street, 

Brooklyn Heights, New York, 11201, USA  E: 


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