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Hedi Unwin

Leicestershire, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  May 2011

My background is a Qualified Yoga Teacher since 2008 and I have been teaching ever since.  My love is to help peolple get the best out of their body. I run three times a week with the Notingham Sweatshop Running Club and go sculling twice a week with one of the local rowing clubs.

I teach Sport-Specific Yoga to the Nottingham High Performance Group who are full time athletes based in Nottingham, and am just entering my 3rd season with the squad, also beginning a program with the veteran and junior squads this winter. I also work with the Nottingham University Womens Senior Rowing Squad.


Since graduating I have continued to work with my case study athlete within the squad on a twice weekly basis. I have also been approached by other rowers and squads and worked with Nottingham University Senior Womens Rowing Squad last season and have been invited back again this season. More recently I have been teaching workshops on pre run warm ups and cools down and breathing awareness to the Nottingham Sweatshop Running Club in the build up to the Robin Hood Half Marathon.


YSS Case Study Research: Rowing

The Aim:  Was to explore whether incorporating nasal breathing along side yoga breathing techniques and yoga, to see if the athletes performance could be enhanced furthur.

Athlete Profile:  A female, U23, light weight sculler, aiming to try out for the GB rowing squad, who was having issues with low back pain and some breathing difficulties linking to training and performance.

The Conclusion:  I worked with the athlete for a a period of 8 weeks on a one to one basis, during this time I applied Sport-Specific Yoga techniques and specific breathing training techniques. The athlete also attended a one hour squad yoga session, and would spend additional time from 15-90 minutes on a mixture of yoga postures and /or breathing techniques.

The outcome was a marked improvement in overall range of movement, less to no back pain and improved breath work, devleoped proprioceptive awareness and skill development on how to maintain these benefits within her own training program.

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