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Graeme Eccles

Worchester, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  February 2013

I have always been passionate about Sport and becoming the best at what I do. I played Rugby to a high level, and many other sports at county and club level. I have always applied science in my activities to understand how to increase my performance, but it wasn’t until I started practicing Yoga that I realised that this was the missing piece to the puzzle.


Yoga Sport Science® has given me the knowledge and ability to coach athletes that want to work on improving their performance and output.


YSS Case Study Research: Professional Cricket


As a qualified Yoga Sports Science Coach, I want to help individual athletes, teams, clubs or associations to improve their performance. I have acquired a unique set of skills working with the YSS team that have already allowed me to drive positive results within a professional sports environment. Working locally or on a global international scale, I can make myself available to work with athletes and/or their coaching/medical teams to create sport specific programmes that are proven and objective driven.



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