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Freya Cooper


Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  August 2013

Both yoga and sports have been influential factors in my life since my early teens. I am a passionate runner and also play hockey and netball for local teams in my town. Over the past few years I have had several injuries that have all healed quickly and efficiently with the aid of my yoga practice and this is something I think all athletes should be able to experience. To have the knowledge to prevent and rehabilitate injury is a priceless tool in the world of sports.


After finishing my A-levels I decided not to go to university but instead pursue the Yoga Sport Science® teaching training and I haven’t looked back since!



I can’t wait to start bringing the benefit of sports-specific yoga to athletes. With the positive results from my case study, I know that any athlete in any sports will be able to improve their overall performance by practicing the YSS techniques.


YSS Case Study Research: Runner


Objectives:  To establish whether a sports specific yoga programme could help a runner recover from injury and start running again, pain free.


Subject:  A runner, in their forties, whose injury had stopped them training completely 4 months prior to the intervention.


Results:  By practicing a sport-specific yoga programme that focused on building overall core and pelvic strength, improving balance and improving breathing techniques, the athlete was able to run 3.5km without any pain.


Conclusion:  Within a ten-week intervention the athlete made significant improvements in their balance, body core, pelvic and shoulder strength and breathing capacity and technique improved, which helped them to run further and recover more quickly after training sessions.



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