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Eva Schroeder

London, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  July 2012

I’ve always been enthusiastic about sports, I did gymnastics when I was little, started skiing at the age of 5, played volleyball for 17 years and have now been running for over 15 years – moving into the world of Ultra Marathons which as I found requires a complete different mindset, exciting and challenging – letting go of what you ever thought was possible for yourself.


Oftentimes, as the training volume increases for many there's no energy to do “more” and the will to practice lacks priority and importance. Which is why I believe the secret is to create sequences that are accessible for all levels, short yet effective, combined with sharing the big WHY of the practice. I have a strong foundation of anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body, and my aim as a Yoga Sports Coach™ is to share with you and have you experience the many benefits yoga has on offer for us, in order for you to reduce injury, increase performance and safely move the next level.


Following my Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and graduating with Yoga Sports Science® in 2012, I now predominantly work with runners, triathletes, and footballers on a 1:1 basis, however also continue holding open Yoga classes incorporating YSS Sport-Specific techniques to improve my students’ performance in their sports as well as in life. I am Founder of Powder Yogi Ltd organizing Ski Yoga Holidays, offering active holidays in the French and Austrian Alps.


YSS Case Study Research: Running

The Aim: was to explore whether a Sports-Specific YSS Breathing Intervention could lead to Improvements in Respiratory Strength in a Marathon Runner.

Athletes Profile:  A runner, 27, aiming to achieve a marathon time of 3hrs 30mins.

The Conclusion: I worked with the athlete for 10 weeks, using Sport-Specific Yoga techniques. Due to a previous injury, my athlete was unable to train for and attend her marathon as scheduled, hence unable to explore the benefits that the breathing intervention may have had on her training. However, my athlete showed great progression within her breathing in all techniques we used, demonstrating good breath-control and a great integration of her breathing into the movements. This helped guide her with more precision and control in static as well as dynamic techniques which strongly pointed towards improvements within her Respiratory Strength – to be explored further!



Having had many years of experience as both a Yoga Teacher and Therapist my practice has developed over time. Becoming much more heavily focused on helping the student develop a strong sense of awareness and understanding of their body, through encouraging correct postural alignment and proper breathing, which is essential for gaining balance throughout the whole of the body.

As a Yoga Therapist l have a grounding in modern medicine and have lots of experience with successfully helping treat students with a great many medical conditions.


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