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Esther Jones

Ise of Man, UK

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  July 2012

I became a teacher of yoga in 2001 following this I continued to study throughout India for 3 years. In July 2007 I qualified as a accredited Yoga Therapy Practitioner, with the Yoga Biomedical Trust, Islington, London. I am the founder and owner of The Yoga Therapy Room a yoga studio on the island. I teach daily on a one to one bases, plus offer physically and intellectually challenging yoga classes for all abilities. The studio also hosts Foundation courses, workshops and Retreats.


Since graduating l have been traveling in Australia and during this time I had the opportunity to coach a top junior runner and will continue working with her through online training. I will continue working with my case study who is now preparing for there next Triathlon.


YSS Case Study Research: Triathlon

The Aim: To establish whether a sports specific yoga intervention can improve an athlete performance during his first Iron Man triathlon event.

Athletes Profile:  Cyclist: early-forties, who is training for their first Ironman Triathlon event.

The Conclusion: A six week intervention showed that improvement gains had been made within the athletes overall functional mobility helping to restore more balance, supporting old injuries and bringing a sense of much more ease within his body. By providing the athlete with a sport specific yoga programme, my athlete was able to complete his event in slightly less time than his original goal. He completed the course without causing further aggravation to his old injuries and in improving functional mobility his performance was improved as he had no discomforts or pain in his body where he constantly had felt them prior to the intervention, therefore enabling him to focus on the task ahead.

During my training to be a Yoga Sports Coach l chose to work with my Athlete as he was competing in a multi-sport event involving the following three components; swimming, cycling and running, and l wanted to explore the possibilities of improving his performance in all three components. The YSS intervention proved successful throughout.



Having had many years of experience as both a Yoga Teacher and Therapist my practice has developed over time. Becoming much more heavily focused on helping the student develope a strong sense of awareness and understanding of their body, through encouraging correct postural alignment and proper breathing, which is essential for gaining balance throughout the whole of the body.

As a Yoga Therapist l have a grounding in modern medicine and have lots of experience with successfully helping treat students with a great many medical conditions.

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