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Emma Ross

Aberdeen, Scotland

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date: June 2017

Why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®:


After picking up a few sporting injuries in my 30s, I was interested in self-management (or should I say preservation), using yoga and therapies. Getting some amazing results from my Bowen treatments and knowing I could self-treat,  I went on to train as a Bowen therapist (which I love!).  My interest stayed with the sports rehabilitation, management and performance side which is why I joined The Institute of Yoga Sports Science initially. However, since joining, I realize I selfishly want to use all the techniques and learnings for my own personal sports performance, as well as helping to educate others on the benefits of yoga and sports.


YSS Case Study Research:  Swimming


Aim:  To find out if breath training techniques and focus on breath awareness, will enhance performance and posture of an elite swimmer.


Subject:  Female, elite athlete, in her 20’s. Swimming for over 18 years and competing in a number of high-level competitions, the main event: Individual Medley. Intervention over 9 weeks of 1-2-1  YSS sessions, to fit in with athletes busy training schedule in the run up to competition trials.


Measures: Measures of breathing capacity and performance, observation of breath control and participant reflection.



Results: Improvement in swimmers breathing control, and also a reconnection and focus to her body awareness and core control in the water, having admitted it’s easy to go on “autopilot in the water”. Noticeable improvement by a swimmer in her endurance at the end of races, and having “energy left” and also finding it easier to sleep.


Other Specialisms to Offer:


Yoga Teacher trained in Hot Power Yoga 200hr and trained body worker in The Bowen Technique, Myo Fascial Release, and a few other modalities. This allows me to approach a body holistically, and use a wide variety of tools, to produce a tailored approach to every individual





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