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Emily Kulakwoski

Pittsburgh, USA

Yoga Sports Coach™

YSS Graduation Date:  March 2014

After graduating from Penn State in kinesiology I immediately started my course work to become a Yoga Sports Coach™.  Being a YSS coach and a strength coach has given me a unique advantage in understanding and critiquing movement.  I often integrate the two to optimize time spent with athletes.  I have worked with a variety people on the athletic spectrum, from weekend warriors to professional athletes and just about anything in between.  I am currently living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   


YSS Case Study Research:  A 15-year-old track athlete, specializing in sprint hurdles, long and triple jump.  She was an excellent athlete and concurrently a dancer.  


The Aim:  While she was a great athlete because she was a dancer she was exceptionally flexible and had a lack of control in movements.  The aim was to teach her body awareness and to fire the correct muscle groups for efficient energy expenditure.  


The Conclusion:  We slowed down and simplified her movements a great deal to reveal any imbalances or weak spots.  She reported a greater awareness in her core strength and hip movements.  She reported less pain in her low back (SI joint) and better control of her breath. 



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